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Travel Tips

1. Before signing up any tour deal, make sure your travel guide would be able to speak with you in English and regional languages.

2. Do not accept any type of food from strangers, it may be laced with sedatives.

3. Always take mineral water bottles with you. Do not drink water from public taps.

4. Avoid using laptops while travelling in trains or buses, your valuable information could be viewed by strangers.

5. Take mosquito repellent creams during wildlife safaris.

6. Always take a prepaid taxi for traveling to airport or railway station.

7. Avoid making long distance calls from your hotel room as you will be charged at premium rates.

8. When going on an adventure tour or off the beaten track, always inform two persons who could start search and rescue operations in case you do not return back in time.

9. Never accept a free ride from a stranger or share your taxi with a stranger.

10. Always book your hotel reservation in advance, at least for the first night.